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  • Pre wedding in Pune

Pre Wedding is beautiful, artistic and fun way of capturing your stories. It should be an integral part of wedding planning. It should be typically planned months before your wedding. It allows us time to create a beautiful story line leading on to your big day.

Shoot are conducted during extreme hours, as early as 5am. in the morning, evening setting sun provides a beautiful back-drop. We may find pictures during rain and snow or locations as simple as home and restaurants or mountain peaks and lakes. Whatever you can imagine, its always inspired to present your love story in the most beautiful was as possible. These epic experiences can take all forms, with no limits. It’s time together as a couple to create extraordinary images in your wedding attire.

We offer pre-scheduled locations and dates allowing you to choose package of your choice. Generally our lovely couples opt for full day shoot, and bring their costumes along. Your costumes can include a traditional suite, western outfits or simple fun-filled T-ees and Denims. Some couple may also want to present themselves in dramatic characters representing a popular personality.

We deliver full package of edited images, along with a video series according to your requirements.