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Below, you can see a selection of my prints, most of which are limited edition. My collection is small, however I will be slowly adding to this portfolio when the time is right. Please look at all of the images on each listing and do read through all of the information. Most importantly I would like to say thank you for supporting my work. If you are kind enough to purchase a print, know that it is the highest form of compliment that I can receive as a photographer.

 It’s all about being at right place at right time.

Taking an image is sometimes as simple as clicking, be it on a mobile phone or a DSLR. What separates an ordinary image into extra ordinary is being at right place at right time. You’ve probably heard photographers refer to these times of the day as the ‘golden hour’ or ‘magic hour’. At these times, the sun tends to cast a warm golden light over the landscape. The fact that the sun is low in the sky also creates interesting combinations of light and shadow. To be frank, in Indian sub-continent, there is only “Golden half-hour” sun sets really really quickly. There is no time to correct any mistakes, so you have to be perfect each time.

Many individuals discount the face that we as photographers how to meet that tight dead-line. We have to reach the spot, be ready with all equipment and gear, and just hope for magic to happen. As a landscape photographer, if I get even one good shoot in a week, I am satisfied. You have to be patient, and perseverance prevails when right lighting conditions transform an already attractive scene into something really spectacular.

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