Typical Wedding Day

“What to expect on a Wedding Day”
Wedding Day is a BIG day for everyone. Specially Bride and her parents. Let me tell you, wedding is mostly about the Bride. Yes, Its a Big day for Groom too, but not as much. Specially in Indian traditions, Bride’s life takes a turn, everything changes for her.. so keep that in mind.

You can expect a controlled-chaos on the wedding day. There are so many things going in parallel … Managing Guests, Managing value items, Dresses, Jewelry, Gifts etc; Keeping up to the time, add all the emotions associated to the top of this.

Here is rough timetable which I have prepared for Indian audiences, when Marriage Muhurat

Day before marriage 4:00 PM.
You arrive to the wedding hall with all your family members and language. Some one in the family (Elderly) needs to take handover responsibility of facilities. He should go through complete facilities including decorations, washrooms, bed-rooms, kitchen, lighting, Cooling/Heating systems and by far the most important “Catering”. Bride’s parents should quickly get ready, as guests will start arriving.

Guests Start Arriving 5:00 PM.
This is the time when all anxiety starts calming down, your guests have started folking in. Your close friends and cousins would be nearby to help you and calm things down. This is the time to ensure that your special guests, elderly etc. don’t feel neglected.

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