Typical Wedding Day

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“What to expect on a Wedding Day”
Its a BIG day for everyone. Specially Bride and her parents. Let me tell you, wedding is mostly about the Bride. Yes, Its a Big day for Groom too, but not as much. Specially in Indian traditions, Bride’s life takes a turn, everything changes for her.. so keep that in mind.


You can expect a controlled-chaos on the wedding day. There are so many things going in parallel … Managing Guests, Managing value items, Dresses, Jewelry, Gifts etc; Keeping up to the time, add all the emotions associated to the top of this.

Here is rough timetable which I have prepared for Indian audiences, when Marriage Muhurat

Day before marriage 4:00 PM.
You arrive to the wedding hall with all your family members and language. Some one in the family (Elderly) needs to take handover responsibility of facilities. He should go through complete facilities including decorations, washrooms, bed-rooms, kitchen, lighting, Cooling/Heating systems and by far the most important “Catering”. Bride’s parents should quickly get ready, as guests will start arriving.

Guests Start Arriving 5:00 PM.
This is the time when all anxiety starts calming down, your guests have started folking in. Your close friends and cousins would be nearby to help you and calm things down. This is the time to ensure that your special guests, elderly etc. don’t feel neglected. Talk to them, offer snacks, tea etc.

Groom’s and Family arrive 6:00 PM.
As a Bride’s parent, You should now concentrate on hospitality for guests who have traveled and arrived for this special occasion. Ensure that you keep no table un-turned. Make sure that you smile all the way through. There could be some issues, hiccups etc, but best thing you could offer in such situations is a smile ()

Evening function begins 7:00 PM.min
Here just follow all the orders of The Pandit. There will always be some wise minds around to explain/suggest/interrupt again, keep calm 🙂 follow what the Pandit says, he is the best person in these situations. Pandits go through all these situations day-in-out so have faith on them.

Dinner 9:00 PM
Keep dinner as simple as possible. No exotic drinks/food. Don’t want any stomach aches (along with headache which you might already have). Ensure you yourself have full meal, you will need this energy throughout the function, you might not get enough time for food on the next day.


Marriage Day 6:00 AM
Try to take some rest( Not sure you will actually be able to) Start your day early, latest by 6 AM, if not earlier. Freshen-up and go for bath. You can then attend all guests so that all concerns are addressed.

Marriage Day 8:00-10:00 AM

Barat has started arriving. Groom usually arrive on Horses back or luxirous car. Put your dancing shoes on, and enjoy on the tunes of Bollywood
classical wedding music. Traditionally, Groom party is followed by a band who comes on the stage with a procession. Nowdays, due to noice pollution,
this tradition is diminishing.


Marriage Day Muhurat 10:00- 12:00 noon
Everyone gathers in wedding hall for Muhurat. Bride and Groom exchange flower garlands. All guests and family members shower blessings on the couple.
Mangalashtak, is then usually followed by traditional wedding ceremonies. There are many ceremonies, but to mention here are the main functions
(1) Kanyadaan
(2) Kankad Bandhan

(3) Laja Homa or Vivaha Homa
(4) Panigrahana or Hasta Milap


(5) Saptapadi or MangalPhera

Marriage Day Lunch
Wedding Lunch is a THE BIGGEST PART of the day. It is said that you can win hearts by entering into stomach. The massive spread of food and the other festivities of course! No wedding is complete without a plethora of good food and satisfied guests. Never compromise! plan accordingly that your guests leave with sweet tounge.

Marriage Bidai
Bride bidding farewell to her family and leaving of her maternal home. Literally translating to the phrase ‘Goodbye,’ Vidai is one of the most sentimental outburst of any wedding across the world. She leaves her family to become a part of a new family, new home.

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