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budget pre wedding

Budget friendly pre-wedding shoots

When people talk about pre wedding shoots, budget is something which concerns most of the couples. First lets agree that pre wedding is going to cost money. There are various aspects such as Location, Costume, Makeup and Travel which not in control of Photographer (me) and customer (you). I have myself shoot sessions, which amount to 6figure of Indian Rupee. Yet, there are lot of things which I would like to suggest for you couples who are on budget.

Not everyone can afford pre-wedding/post-wedding photo shoots

This is a myth. Let me tell you, everyone can afford pre-weddings shoots and every couple who are getting married should get it done. If you are from orthodox family background, then you should go for post-wedding photo shoots. Its one and the same.

Through pre-wedding photo shoots, I like to tell your beautiful love story and not want to portray you as film stars or prince or princes. You may not be able to afford long cinematic video songs or glorious royal photo sessions shot in big palaces. What I like to picture is the story of how you meet, what are your common likes and special things which you want to do for each-other. In this blog, I would like to highlight few points which can help you in making a pocket-friendly love story.

Budget friendly location

There are so many beautiful countries and cities across the world. Every couple dreams of hosting weddings at such destinations. However, destination weddings in faraway places are very complicated as it involves extensive planning and many more difficulties. Our Pune has geographical advantage, such that it is centrally located. Pune offers many opportunities in terms of locations for pre wedding as well as weddings. Whether you are from South or North India, or from Maharashtra or even Mumbai. Pune city has several unique locations, both budget friendly as well as private properties with charges.

There is another thought. If you do not belong to Pune or belong to another state, You can still have your pre-wedding photoshoot here and and display these beautiful pictures at your wedding reception for your guests to admire.

One of the most picturesque cities in India and definitely one of the top choices in everyone’s dream destination is Pune. Pune city has such vibrant colours all year round and its breathtaking sceneries exude raw natural beauty. There are many good photo spots with stunning sunsets and spectacular views.

  • The City: Shanivar Wada, Aga Khan Palace, Mandai, Tulshi Baug, Shambhaji Gardens
  • Gardens: Phonex Mall, Aman-Ora Mall, Aditi Gardens, Empress Gardens, PL Garden, Laxmi baug, Katraj Udyan
  • The Hills: Vetal Tekadi, Taljai Tekadi, Baner, Sinhgad
  • Private Properties: Lavasa, Jadhav Gad, Corinthians, Mulshi-Cafe paradise.
  • Destination Locations: Lonavala, Khandala, Alibaug, Mahabaleshwar, Junnar, Satara

Get in touch with your photographer, who can explain you about these money saving options.

Budget friendly costume

Costumes for pre-wedding photo shoot is the biggest concern for couples. I suggest them to go for concept rather than going for expensive lehanga, wedding gowns, Suites or Sherwani. Scroll down to know more about concepts.

Another option for savings is to go for rental costumes. There are both pros and cons when going for rentals. Pros are, you get designer costume for small money and can experience beautiful costumes for special occasion. Downside is, customers may not get choices, and at times have to compromise in terms or fittings etc.

Go for color scheme and matching, rather than quality of the costume. For good pre-weding photo shoot color scheme is important. couples should match cloths with vibrant colors or contrast scheme. This really pops up the look within your picture. Hence quality of actual fabric or brand is not important.

Budget friendly makeup

Professional beautician artists charge professional fees which can be expensive. Pre-Wedding sessions go on for one full day or even more. Going for full day make-up charges can not be affordable. If  make-up and beauty make-over is a must, I suggest my client to go for one time setting. Once base make-up and hair etc. is done, for rest of the sessions, you can manage touch-ups. Just ask friends or family members for little help, who will be more than happy to assist you with.

This is something which I ask customers to decide themselves.

Go for in-studio photo shoot.

I have had photographers saying that “No, you cannot do pre-weddings inside studio” . Let me tell you, this is complete non sense. Watch my video below, where many scenes were shot inside studio: https://youtu.be/-Tx0ENv1yMo

Shooting inside studio gives you so may advantages

  1. Easy of changing costume
  2. Easy of putting on makeup
  3. Better control on lighting
  4. Better control on time, as you do not have to worry about travel
  5. No public disturbances

Shoot pre-weddings inside studio and go for high-end photo editing. Your photos will get a look which are un-matched and truly unique as no one else will be able to replicate the location and styling.

In studio photo shoots are also very very pocket friendly as compare to on location.

Go for concept shoot rather than cinematic

Cinematic shoots are expensive. It requires lot of preparation, and other technical nitty-gritty which consume resources and hence are expensive. My suggestions is go for concept, rather than cinematic. Concepts can be as simple as “when we meet,” “common interest”, “monsoon” , “miniature“, “Festival” such as diwali , holi or sankrant. “common profession” or simply “love story“.

Here are some examples:


Adding a few miniature photos to your pre-wedding session can really make your concept stand out.

Monsoon Pre Wedding:

Doctors in Love:

Couple Ajinkya & Priyanka are doctors. Here I tried to photograph them and conceptualized theme of “doctors in love”