pre wedding at LAVASA near pune

Lavasa City

Lavasa is called mini Italy. It is based on the Italian town called Portofino. Streets and several buildings have been designed with similar architecture. Some of the buildings and places also bear the names of that town.

” MARRIAGE, the best destination is the journey itself !!! “

Our photos and your story. Some can make you laugh, while others will make you cry, scream, smile, howl, or even kiss your fiance.  Pre wedding shoots are  a trendy activity. It is all about you and your special one in the picturesque settings. Pune has many beautiful picture perfect destination for your Pre-wedding Photoshoot.  Lavasa,  near Pune, is one of the beautiful place in Maharashtra.

  • Lavasa is one of the best place for Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Pune, situated  in the Western Ghats of Pune.
  • This place is a picture perfect destination which spellbinds all the visitor with its charisma because of its enchanting panorama.
  • The specialty of Lavasa is that it is a very well planned city that caters to every requirement and luxury of its visitors.
  • Dam amidst stunning scenery also adds five stars to the pre wedding photoshoots.
  • You can do Trekking, Mountaineering, Camping and especially the water sports in the Lake where some  heart throbbing attractions are available to spend time with your fiance and have a beautiful story to tell in your picture collection.
  • The best thing about this city is its climate as it has pleasant climate throughout the year and eco-friendly environment.
  • So, the advice for soon going to be married couple is that give Lavasa a chance to be the part of your beautiful journey.
  • Note that additional charges are applicable for shooting here. Fees are to be paid to Tourism department.