pre wedding photo shoot within pune

Pre Wedding Shoot Within Pune:

Pune offers various options of you copules who want to display the love,emotion,chemistry and drama. Our pre-wedding packages are custom made according to your specific requirements and within your budget..

  1. Locations in Pune:-
    Pune offers many options in terms of location. Heritage buildings like Shanivar Vada, Aga Khan Palace, Sinhgadh Fort can provide you with vintage look. You can also choose from streets (like Mg road, Koregaon Park) or village, from highways to Restaurants etc.(with outdoor or indoor sitting with good interior /location) bustle area of the cities depending upon your comfort. We discuss your liking and dislike before photo shoot and offer best suitable options for your taste.
  2. Timing:-
    Rising and Setting Sun provide best back-drop for beautiful pictures.
    During cloudy weather, or Monsoon season, we have a special package. Your photographer will be capable of taking a good picture at any time of the depending upon the chosen location and the of the pre wedding photo shoot.
  3. Costumes:-
    You should choose your costume, which will tell your story. Smart casuals, blazers, Suit,3/4th with the accessories are perfect for the guy’s look. Western Dresses, Pajama-Suit Dupatta, Casual wearing are also in depending upon the shoot location and theme.Don’t choose faded or dull colors. Choose contrasting colors like Red, Blue, Yellow, Magenta, Green, Cyan. Also, avoid light colors and Too many patterns if possible.
  4. Drama: Expressions are very important for building a good photograph. Photograph without emotions is like flower with no essence. You can use props, pose like a Bollywood movie star, Creating Reflection or Silhouette type pictures, get creating lighting.