Indian weddings has it all. Colors, emotions, and action, Indian weddings are videographer’s dream. Its a perfect events to showcase our artistry and storytelling.

Our team has shot thousands of Indian weddings. We have covered various religions, and regions.  Our experience, helps us to fully understand the culture and the sentimental moments that occur during a traditional Indian wedding. 

We move away from a chronological compilation of your wedding day events and embrace the idea that videography should be telling a story.

Wedding packages are designed to incorporate the multiple pre-wedding and wedding festivities, including the sangeet, mehandi etc. We enjoy getting to know the family in a more intimate setting, and thus such events offers great candid footage. These emotions can be incorporated into your final wedding video. Time and detail that goes into certain ceremonies such as Mehndi and Sangeet are really important. We feel, through videography you can really capture not just function, but complete process.


Two souls but a single thought  and two hearts that beat as one. 
It was only their ‘first meeting’, which was left to happen. Because there ‘love at first sight’ was ready to strike as soon as they met. So, join us as we take you through the magical love story and wedding journey of this gorgeous couple.

It all started couple of years ago, when the two to meet at there college. Revati was in her final year of degree college. Pankaj a successful fine artist, whose work commitments keep him busy shuttling between Mumbai and Pune. Revati proposed and Pankaj was just waiting for it to happen.

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