Indian weddings has it all. Colors, emotions, and action, Indian weddings are videographer’s dream. Its a perfect events to showcase our artistry and storytelling.

Our team has shot thousands of Indian weddings. We have covered various religions, and regions.  Our experience, helps us to fully understand the culture and the sentimental moments that occur during a traditional Indian wedding. 

Cinematic Wedding Highlights


Cinematic wedding videography turns the event into something truly special. We move away from a chronological compilation of your wedding day events and embrace the idea that videography should be telling a story.

Wedding packages are designed to incorporate the multiple pre-wedding and wedding festivities, including the sangeet, mehandi etc. We enjoy getting to know the family in a more intimate setting, and thus such events offers great candid footage. These emotions can be incorporated into your final wedding video. Time and detail that goes into certain ceremonies such as Mehndi and Sangeet are really important. We feel, through videography you can really capture not just function, but a complete process.

Taking emotions to a different level by blending the magnificence of your wedding day with the inspiration that only the moon and music extend over all of us. Our wedding films captures the best of your destination wedding day with the belief that each couple has a unique story to tell. The protagonists, family and friends share in a thousand ways the greatness of love, that can not wait to be there and capture what photography can not, EMOTIONS IN MOTION, a view of your soul and the true essence of your wedding day.

Kaustubha & Maithili

Record every moment as it unfolds with the most skilled and experienced professionals to produce the most exquisite wedding video. Preserve not only the memories but the emotions as well. As may time pass by, everything may perish, but a good reminisce of that special day will always be precious to your grand family in the future. I hope you can get great inspirations for your wedding video, as watch these spectacular sets of the Top Romantic Wedding Videos in India.

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Prabhat & Sanjana

A traditional Bengali wedding is an elaborate affair that may last several days. Many rituals are involved with modern couples adapting them to suit their own needs and preferences. Families are of major importance in all aspects of the ceremony. A wedding photographer should be versed in the history of Bengali rituals in order to successfully craft the event for the couple and their relatives.

Watch this wedding highlights. The turmeric ceremony “Gaye Holud”. The groom’s family celebration. Checkout how they prepare two large fishes and decorate them to depict the bride and groom and bring along sweetmeats for the ceremony.

We also shoot Traditional Wedding Videos. Watch this highlights movie.

With all of the colors, emotions, and action, and the perfect events to showcase our artistry and storytelling. Our team has shot hundreds of Indian weddings of various religions, and regions, from Hindu to Muslim to Punjabi to Gujarati, and more! For some of our recent Indian Weddings, be sure to check them out on our channel, like subscribe and comment.

Based out of Pune and Mumbai, Cinematic Wedding is a team of highly experienced photographers and cinematographers preserving the expressions of love, joy, excitement, anxiousness, bashfulness and everything in between that compose a wedding celebration. They are dedicated to crafting stories in stills that are raw, full of emotion and breathtakingly beautiful, and have immortalized more than 500 weddings across India in Mumbai, Rajasthan, Hyderabad and Goa since 2009.

Their dedication and attention to detail have brought them accolades of the likes of Better Photography for Wedding Photographer of The Year, Couple Portraiture, and a Fearless Photographers Award. They are synonymous with integrity, punctuality, and constant improvement, and are sure to imbibe your special moments with their innovation, passion and fun to capture your love in the most vivid manner possible.

Chinmay & Mrunal

When you want a high-class candid cinematography we are the one who can give it to you. The high-quality candid takes they offer can be witnessed in the video. We craft wedding videography to near perfection. We then pull out subjects natural emotions out of the clips and bring it towards the viewer’s so even they can feel the vibe of the wedding it while watching. And they do it without staging any scenes. The style and elegance of our candid shots are one-of-a-kind. Watch this wedding story of Chinmay & Mrunal and then you may decide.

Indian weddings are like mini-festival where you will find everyone all decked up in their ethnic best dancing to the tunes of dhool and nagade. For a couple, their wedding has to be top-notch with a perfect location, dreamy décor, mouthwatering delicacies, stunning outfits and full of masti and dhamaal. A couple always wishes to make their wedding day memorable and full of happy and cherished moments. From booking your wedding location, deciding on the menu, shortlisting the guest list to finalizing the outfit for D-day, preparation for the wedding starts months in advance.

Indian weddings consist of many pre-wedding functions which everyone eagerly waits for. Selecting your outfits as per the function and finalizing your jewellery becomes your ultimate goal before the wedding. One of the most favourite functions among the pre-wedding function is sangeetSangeet is usually a day before the wedding and is full of nach-gaana. Selecting your favourite song to perform and matching your steps with your partner becomes a hectic and difficult task.


Two souls but a single thought  and two hearts that beat as one. 
It was only their ‘first meeting’, which was left to happen. Because there ‘love at first sight’ was ready to strike as soon as they met. So, join us as we take you through the magical love story and wedding journey of this gorgeous couple.

It all started couple of years ago, when the two to meet at there college. Revati was in her final year of degree college. Pankaj a successful fine artist, whose work commitments keep him busy shuttling between Mumbai and Pune. Revati proposed and Pankaj was just waiting for it to happen.