Top candid wedding photographer from Pune

“A true photographer wants to try to capture the real essence of human being” — Philippe Halsman

Real candid moments

I like to create photographs. With my style of photography, I like to capture those moments that can make someone laugh, cry or simply provide memories which are precious. These moments become your memory and last for years to come.

Wide angle shoots which can capture the moment, showing emotions or relation between objects are little difficult to capture. At the end of the day, it immense satisfaction when I am able to deliver such beautiful images.

Each of  our wedding albums are unique. We design each and every page by considering fine details. Our albums are printed at one of the finest printing lab available. We have delivered to our customers in UK, USA and Australia.

Indian weddings are full of stories. There are hue of colors, gaiety, and lots of emotions. I try to capture them in a manner that will bring back these moments of joy even if look at them after a few decades.

True Candid Moments

Fun during wedding receptions

The laughter and  smiles, as friends share a light moment. Our photography skills don’t rely on post-processing techniques. We invest in training and practice session, so that images right out-of-camera are perfect.

 We are team of experts with over 100 yrs of experience as a team. We understand wedding rituals, hence I can anticipate, and click at the right time. There is no need for re-take. One click and one good shoot.