Portrait Photographs for Corporates & Executives

Every successful business professional knows that the customers come ahead of everything. It is difficult to build a healthy and growing client base. As a first step, smiling pictures are an easy way to make clients comfortable with your business in seconds. When someone browses your website and sees a cheerful employee, it can create a positive connection in their mind. This same empathy is directly related to the first impression via a professional corporate portrait photograph. 

Close and Personal

If a client is attaching your face to the company’s name, the picture they look at should show your core values. For example, employee selfies on your About Us page come across as unprofessional. Another rookie mistake is cropping a family photo only to feature the employee. They might look beautiful, but the business can look cheap. 

You could have the most clean-cut, polished website, but it won’t matter. Clients now associate your business with a selfie of Amanda and Bobby together at Taco Bell. While these kinds of “casual” photos are relatable, you don’t want to confuse the client. 

Yes, it’s important to highlight the human side of your company. But you can do that and maintain an aura of professionalism. Casual corporate headshots are acceptable and may even be the better option, depending on your line of work. 

Clients want passion and expertise to radiate off the screen as they explore your website. Take it from me and others: Go the extra mile, and take your headshots in a real business photography studio. 

Corporate headshots should reflect well on you.

As a business person, you might say that your simplest job description is to sell a product or service. At the end of the day, what you’re actually doing is selling yourself to the client. Having a poor headshot (or none at all) can seem quite lazy. Spending a little extra money to get things done right can benefit every single aspect of your company. When you truly care, clients notice. 

An added benefit of getting custom corporate headshots is that you can use them more than once. Update your professional social networks, such as LinkedIn, with photos of your staff. Stay up to date this way, and let your employees use these headshots as their profile photos. Headshots are also handy when designing business cards or securing billboards. From social media accounts to paper flyers, the possibilities are endless. 

Business Portrait Details »

Photo shoot will be indoor or outdoor?

We suggest conducting the shoot indoors. However, depending on the time of the day and suitable availability of location nearby, an outdoor shoot is possible.

Which costume should I wear?

For the men…
Pick your favorite suit in a preferably dark color such as black, dark greys, or navy blue.
Bold patterns and colors, as well as shiny ties, tend to detract from the face and can look unprofessional.
For the women…
Choose a professional suit or a classic office-wear outfit.
Avoid bold or distracting patterns, however, little pops of color is fine.
Avoid short sleeves if possible as this can look unprofessional and also detracts from your face.
Any subtle and classic jewelry is a yes, but anything blingy or flashy is a strict no.
There isn’t a strict rule for ‘what to wear’, as long as your outfit reflects your company. In startups, for example, a much more “relaxed” style matching your work environment might be preferred. Jeans, t-shirts, and trainers are allowed, the idea behind it is that you come to work dressed how you would in everyday life.
Corporate Headshots give potential customers confidence when seeking information about your business. It reassures clients that there is a real person behind the services you provide. To give the right, and a positive, impression, choose an outfit and posture that reflects your company’s values.

Do you provide hair and makeup?

If you do need a makeup artist, please inform us in advance, and we can arrange for one.

How long it will take to complete the shoot?

Corporate Headshots don’t take much time when the shots are planned in advance.
A session can last anywhere between 25 – 90 minutes, to shoot and select your images with most falling in the range between 45-60 minutes.

What other preparations are required?

Apart from costumes, please ensure you do have sufficient sleep, leading up-to the shoot.
For the rest, leave it to us. we don’t mind spending a few extra minutes to keep you relaxed while we work with you to get that perfect shot.