Fashion photography

Models rely on fashion photographer for their success. We create portfolios like example below, which will enhance your ability to show fashion apparel and accessories. This genre of photography is dedicated to people category, because its important to showcase you. Shot is taken with intent to showcase abilities of the person and product in the frame. Over a period of time, fashion photography has developed its own aesthetic with beauty of clothes, models, and accessories which can be enhanced by the use of exotic locations, story-lines and stylized photographic techniques.

This genre is straightforward, however it can be divided into 3 main styles; editorial, catalog and high fashion. A fourth style that is slowly gaining prominence is called street fashion photography. While catalog and street styles are easily distinguishable, it is quite difficult to distinguish between editorial and high fashion because they share a similar style.

1. Editorial fashion photography

Most fashion magazines feature this style of photography. Here, styling takes an obvious forefront. In most cases, there is a story running through the shoot; the models are often photographed through the course of the day, morning wardrobe, mid-day wardrobe and finally the evening attire. These shoots depict a theme and the models need to enact the role they are given and emote to convey their story. The whole image is shot so as to create a powerful statement.

2. High Fashion

Big fashion brands and labels often advertise their products using this style of photography. The photographs generally feature supermodels, famous actors and actresses. The clothes and accessories featured are often styled in a way that is a complete departure from reality. The poses can be exaggerated and over-the-top. All elements of the model; the wardrobe, styling, hair/makeup, lighting and location work together to create a flawless image.

3. Catalog Photography

This style is used by companies that print to market their products to their consumers. This is basically an information image where the model is made to pose against a certain background and you see the clothes very clearly. Here, styling is hassle-free, background is normally white or gray and the photograph is in such a way that the details of the clothes are visible. Most of these photographs are shot in studios or another ideal location.

4. Street Fashion Photography

This style is all about people of the street. It’s about capturing the essence of what is fashionable amongst typical people, what they wear, how they perceive style and how they make a statement with their clothes. Photographers of this style would shoot fashionistas out and about on their daily chores, highlighting trends in the real world.

Modelling portfolio photography

Modelling for fashion and glamours is rapidly gaining popularity in India. We work with model to get the desired look. For a magazine cover or a woman’s personal collection, we can provide you images as per required standards.

Portfolio for modelling, is a genre of photography that focuses on displaying clothes or other fashion items. It is collaborative work where connections are way more important for a photographer then their lighting skills. The world of the photographer is fast-paced. It focuses on portraiture, posing, extensive lighting and beautiful locations. Like most areas, you need time and patience to learn.

There are different types of modelling:


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