Here you can find information about free locations for pre wedding shoot near Pune.

The art of Photography revolve around the beauty of tenderness of emotions and feelings. Pre wedding photo session in Pune captured by Photo Darpan. This might be the best place to start your photography career.

Firstly, Pre wedding shoot we often schedule in Parks. Parks are open for public for almost whole year. It provides nice green surroundings.

Secondly, shooting with couple posing on streets can be great way to capture. Pune has got few streets that could be just perfect that photographer couldn’t resist capturing them. It’s wonderful for jogging or have a romantic walk with your special one too and the entrance is free….And we finished the photo shoot outside this amazingly decorated restaurant …

Our clients know these locations well, so to save losing hours exploring some of the places in Pune. Like wise these simple place gives immense pleasure and can be memorable for couple.

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Libraries (For Fellow Booklovers)

If you love reading, you must have at least one self-portrait in a place overflowing with stories. In addition to being eye-opening, books are photogenic.

They make consistent yet eye-catching backgrounds, graceful foregrounds, and thoughtful subjects.

It’s not surprising, then, that there are so many beautiful book-related photos out there

Here are a few ideas for indoor library photoshoots:

  • Shoot through bookshelves
  • Take a photo of yourself looking through interesting books
  • Make a diptych (a collage of two photographs). Use a detailed photo (a page, for instance) and a wider shot (a photo of you holding a stack of books)

As is the case with thrift stores, not every library or bookstore will give you permission to take photos.

If there are no nearby locations open to photographers, try a second-hand book store. Or you can try a thrift store with a book section.

Cafés (Small or Big)

Usually, cafés have great lighting and cozy atmospheres. There are also lots of goodies to keep you toasty during a snowstorm or heavy rain.

Many of them offer privacy and a safe, relaxing atmosphere. This is why so many portrait photographers are drawn to them.

Most cafés will allow you to access the Internet, too. You can look for inspiration and self-portrait photography tips as you shoot.

If you want to take it a step further, create a mood board a few days before you go out. Fill it with photos you love. You can also add empowering quotes, and photography-related memories that energize you.

Save the mood board as a PDF file, e-mail, Pinterest board, etc.
Once you arrive at your destination, all you’ll have to do is look at your phone to feel inspired.

If you feel uncomfortable in coffee shops bustling with people, ask a friend to tag along. Having someone next to you will make you feel supported. In that comfortable state, you’ll take the most incredible self-portraits possible.

Coffee shops are a great place for creative self-portrait images. You can even with an iPhone or smartphone on a self-timer. That way, it’s ready for social media sharing.

Studio (This is my favorite. You’ll Love This)

Even if you’re not familiar with studio photography, try this out. Studios are a fantastic opportunity to refresh your perspective. They can help you reach new creative heights.

Renting a studio for a few hours (or days) will give you access to space where your ideas can grow. You’ll have all the privacy you need to focus, photograph, and learn.

With a natural light source, you won’t need to use professional lighting equipment! You can also use simple lighting tools like a torch.

If you can’t afford to rent a studio or if there aren’t any in your area, you can make one at home. There are a lot of affordable backdrops available online (some of them are as cheap as $5!) that could turn a boring corner into an exciting little studio.

I often use backdrops that aren’t even professional. Use curtains, large sheets of paper, or simple white walls. These all have the potential to spark your imagination.

It’s a wonderful, safe place for a selfie, with smartphone or DSLR. All you need is you in front of the camera and a self-timer.