As wedding photographer I will do my absolute best to tell the story of your wedding in an extremely professional and special way in order to leave you with a wonderful memory forever. Being a wedding photographer is for me a source of infinite joy and the best job in the world.

I firmly believe that every story should be experienced in full before being told, only then can I have a clear idea of what will be the final epilogue.
For me, photographing a wedding, your wedding, is not just a job, it is something more, and that’s why I push myself to the limits of my emotions in order to be a good storyteller. I feel your excitement, your fear, your joy, your happiness and the love you have for each other, and only by experiencing this whirlwind of emotions first hand am I able to become part of your day.
It is your day. My presence will be as impalpable as possible. I will document the natural course of events discreetly, trying not to disrupt the balance of naturalness and familiarity that you have with your guests.