Damini and Gautam got engaged during the lockdown in May this year. Have look at some of the pictures from their functions during the lockdown.

Well what an unusual couple of months it has been!! No amount of planning could ever of prepared me for getting through Covid-19. But we have all needed to adapt the way we work and also the roles we play on shoots.

So if you are reading this I firstly hope you’re all well.

I want to reassure anyone needing any kind of photography during covid19 / Cornanvirus that despite these testing times, and as lock down continues, we can still work and photograph to make your special day/events successful.

My studio is big enough to maintain good social distancing practices for a core team to still be able to work effectively and safely. We have good internet for Zoom and Hangouts, local amenities, and what I have now realised is pretty large collection of props and surfaces which I have gathered over the years – which in some instances could be more efficient or convenient to consider for your project.

Stay safe.