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Author: Shriganesh Joglekar
Copyright: (c) Photo Darpan
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The ideas, the photos, the story and the memories. All are connected to how creativity is created. Have you ever wanted your photos to float?

It seems like magic due to the level of creativity. Its time to recreate, redefine photography with this technique.

Levitation images are magical! They draw the viewer in and make them think about what’s not quite right. However, levitation photography is not easy. We need to consider minute details. A single shot can take minimum of 4 hrs for execution. I think most people would be surprised to know that in its most basic form, we need to consider following things

  • Conceptualization and planning: This phase we discuss concept. We need to imaging end-result and impact it is going to create.
  • Execution: Here we need to create the scene. Photographers need to be pro-active and need to consider options during live sessions. This is where experience counts the most.
  • Post Processing: Shortlisting the shot and editing an image to perfection. This is a lengthy task and requires review and approval from the customer.

Recently, I decided I needed to get my creative juices flowing again and get out of my comfort zone. Levitation photography caught my eye.